Meet Theresa | My Alter Ego

SPORTS r like a guys thing.They worship it like an artificial God.And then i gotthinkin about it…whats like sports to girls? is it make-up, boys, fashion… soap-opera’s…yuck! When i was in my hostel,the girls used to disgust me wenever it was time for any soap-opera..they’d all gather…all starry-eyed,making uh’s and ah’s like dumb blonde’s…”oh he just kissed her,ahthats so romantic,wish i cud be kissed like that”….and m rolling my eyes on my bed…finger down my throat.
or MAKE-UP…,arrrgggh!! gosh i didnt know a powder could have a million and one coloursand still look the same.
the first girl says- “oh i bought dis new powder but its not my colour,my colour is
(yada yada yada),other girl says(obviously lying) “oh it looks so good on u” and she replies “it sure does”.And am like…..shut up! already…theres more to life than lipstick and eye-pencil…i found out that some girls cant carry a conversation beyond make-up…so sad!.
then there’s fashion…well i wont into that…more of the designing part,than just moping about a new trend or shopping..i love putting stuff together..but am totally crazy about accessories more than netin…butfashion’s definately not my THING!

now there’s boys.what a waste of thinking space..i kid i kid!..funny enuff i started not-hating bois(i wudnt say ‘liking’ cuz that’d be stretching the truth) wen i entered university..before then hating them was one of my hobbies,partly because they didnt know i existed and also cause of the many bad experiences ive had with a few of them…and plus i felt i was too dumb and shy to carry a conversation bck then.They were kryptonite and i was superman,the were like a rehab-centre and i was whitney housten…we never mixed.I wouldnt exactly say m a boy-freak…lol….yeah i like bois….but not more than normal…i dnt lose my head when a boy comes around…xcept he’s super super super super super geeky..u tot id say cute…m not that shallow.okay i really mean CUTE.not geeky….yeah unless that…and i dont sit around tlking bout bois all day.xcept me and my girls are dis aint my SPORT either.
well for me its definately not soap-opera’s…
DEfinaTEly MUSIC!!!
Music, really is my THING….i listen to music when am sad and i forget i was even sad,when m happy..and am happier.when m excited(u know now)..and am needing sum sexual healing..,when m lonely..(insert sometin clever here).Thats when i get all starry eyed….gimme some soul music,soft rock.Can sum1 say heaven.
so whenever i feel sad that my brothers havehijacked the remote control and m secretly praying for nepa to strike…maybe i shud remember that they cant help it..its like taking music away from me…thats like leaving me in a pathetic state worse than theone i already find myself in..If theres a state as pathetic as that..Every now and then i seem to find myself at the brink of sanity andmusic seems to keep me from going over…takes my mind of daily strife and what not…
And the purporse of this entry is?!?!..not my fault.. rambling is my other THING.

I Am Theresa The Alter Ego(I wish I was the real thing and hendrix was the alter ego)

One comment on “Meet Theresa | My Alter Ego
  1. beambor johnson says:

    seriously hendrix. U r such a good writer. I jst op u take dis “writing” thing serious

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