Who Is Hendrix?

Insanity meets creativity
They go on a few dates…and mate(it was inevitable) and give birth to LORD HMAN

Interests: music….movies….art….poetry….soccer(only wen Arsenal’s playing)…life…death.creativity..God .human beings..family..u..me..

Expertise: fighting off evil forces of darkness and basically just being a a nerd of course!!…and tryna keep my inviduality..turning water into wine. bumming off my folks,I’m a superschmodel…representin all nerds and unkool kids around the world….Arsenal till……>>>laughing at myself>>>composing depressing poetry>being a misanthropist>>>>love girls>>>being voltron defender of the earth>>watchn the sopranos>>>unable to leap two tall building in a single bound..the next best thing is{rambling}>>>avoiding mindless convo’s with low-iq dweebs,engaging in a healthy,stimulating convo once in a while>>watchn adventure movies>>readin jackie collins novels>>meeting weird,quirky individuals>>>hating on everything>>>making funny faces>>>watching smurfs>>sndn funny smses>>pouring out my heart and soul>>>being happy>>>lookin sexy>musicals>>goin on my mini-mind escapes>>building the nation>>> eating >>>taking long walks

Occupation: Student

Contact Info
MSN: Hendrixhen
Yahoo: hendrixnwaokolo
Gmail: Endowedhen
Facebook: Hendrixarsenal
Ovi: iamhman
BBM:( wait lemme check
Twitter: lord_hman
Badoo: Hendrix01
skype: Iamlordhendrix
2go iamhendrix
Oovoo: Lord_Hman
ps3: lordhman


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